Common problem
  • • How to find welfare resources?
    After registering a login account, enter the [Discover] interface or click [New Friends], select [Try your luck], add old drivers to send benefits, and ask for resources. It is recommended to use it with the Apple version of AV Pioneer.
  • • What should I do if I cannot receive the SMS when registering, logging in, or recovering my password?
    If you send SMS too frequently, please send it again after a while, if not, please tell your network operator to the "MV team" [Online Consultation] section), and we will fix it as soon as possible.
  • • 【[Try your luck] Blank, what should I do if I can’t use it?
    1. Adding friends too frequently, the system automatically defaults to an error in the account, and the error report is correct. You can continue to use it after at least one working day.
    2. When adding friends multiple times is restricted by the system, severe cases will lead to account closure, please be careful to use this function if you have a large number of needs to add friends.
  • • What should I do if I cannot log in to the Pioneer account suddenly?
    1. There are a lot of people online, please try to log in after a while to see if it is successful.
    2. If you are unsuccessful, if you have been restricted from using [Try your luck] many times before, you may have been blocked.
    If there is no violation, please provide the Pioneer number of your account to the customer service, and we will check the record for you and deal with it.
  • • Why can this software add the Android version of AV Pioneer users as friends? And can also log in to the same account on AV Pioneer?
    "Mevideo" and "Xfpay" APP are products developed by the same software developer and use a unified account system. Registered users in "My Video" or "Pioneer" can use the same account to log in to either The equipment terminal realizes the interconnection of different system platforms.
  • • What should I do if there is a crash, freeze, abnormal use, or unavailability during operation?
    1. Close the program and restart the APP.
    2. Please go to Appstore or official website ( to download the latest version of "My Video" to overwrite the original APP or restart the phone.
    3. If the above operations are invalid, you can enter the [Online Consultation] section to describe and consult your mobile phone model and iOS system version and issues in detail.
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